Smart Pet Toothbrush

Smart Pet Toothbrush

Smart Pet Toothbrush

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All of us at PetZooCity are very passionate about animal health- and wellbeing, so passionate that we are giving away one of our most popular pet's health products for FREE, just pay shipping! We are trying to get more pet owners to start brushing their pets teeth, to reduce pet oral disease and all its horrors.

As canine and feline oral health is not a priority to most pet owners, all 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 suffer from periodontal diseases. Oral diseases are very serious and can develop into life-threatening conditions if the infection spreads from the oral area to the brain, or to other areas of the body.

The super easy to use "Smart Pet Toothbrush" makes it extremely easy for any pet owner, experienced or not, to successfully brush your pets teeth with minimum effort. The easy to use toothbrush slides on to the top of your finger effortlessly and is very effective to use on pets who hate having their teeth brushed as soft, tiny rubber bristles cleanses the teeth gently, while small nubs on the back of the toothbrush massages the cheeks. Use with your pets favourite pet-safe toothpaste for ultimate results.

Daily brushing and recurrent dental cleanings at the vet is the best way to control your pets dental health and keep infections off.

100% Pet Safe Rubber.

One size fits most breeds.

Measures approximately 5 cm long.

Wash with mild dish soap and lukewarm water after each use.

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