PetZooCity's FREE Paw Print Kit

PetZooCity's FREE Paw Print Kit

PetZooCity's FREE Paw Print Kit

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Get yourself or your pet lover friends the perfect gift! Decorate your home in adorable paw prints of your pet, and keep a very special forever memory of your pets individual unique paw print.

The PetZooCity Paw Print Kit has a smart ultra thin plastic film covering the ink pad, resulting in a 100% mess free experience. The ink is skin safe, non toxic and acid free, so if you or your furry friend somehow would end up getting in touch with the ink, it is completely safe.

Measurements: 2.36" x 3.74"

For XL and color options please click here.


1. Prepare the Paw

Clean the paw you want to make a print of. Cut the claws if they are long and trim the fur in between the toe beans for an ultimate clean result.

2. Prepare the Paper

Put one of the two paper sheets included in your package on a flat surface.

3. Place the Ink Pad

Place the ink pad over the paper sheet with the red label facing the paper. 

4. Press Down the Paw firmly

Press the paw gently onto the centre of the ink pad. Remove the paw and then remove the ink pad from the paper sheet.

5. Let Dry

Admire the results and let air dry for 24 hours! All done!

You can now get a tattoo of your pets paw or frame it and hang in in the centre of your home!

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