New Cat Checklist

1. Litter Mat

You are going to need a litter mat to avoid getting litter in your bed, on the couch and all over the floors, scratching the floors and being a pain in your feet!

PetZooCity´s No More Litter On Floor Litter Mat

No More Litter On Floor


2Food and water bowls

A food and a water bowls is a necessity for any pet. Using an off the floor feeding station will make a sour stomach after eating less prominent with the height of the station, keeping the kitty's neck in the correct position.


Non-Slip Off The Floor Feeding Station


3. High Nutritious Food

Make sure to stock up on high nutritious food for your new cat. Consider whether you are going to feed your cat with dry food, wet food or raw food. If you are getting a kitten, make sure to buy food specially developed for kittens, as their jaws and teeth are not very strong yet.



4. Cat Safety

Your cat is going to want to get into your drawers, cabinets, wardrobes and all the things they may be able to sneak into, onto, or underneath. Using pet safety gears you can successfully make it impossible for the cat to enter certain spaces, to keep them away from dangerous things such as cleaning agents & tools.


Pet Protective Locks 10-Pack


5. Toothbrush

Keeping your cats teeth clean is as important as keeping your own ones intact. Cats are prone to a handful of different tooth diseases such as FORL. Brush your cats teeth regularly to avoid pain and expensive teeth hygienist’s bills.

 Smart Pet Toothbrush


6. Pet Bed

Your cat is probably going to sleep in your bed, on you, on your couch and in all different places. But it is very important that the cat has an own sleeping territory of its own if they want to be alone. 

The Marshmallow Bed


7. Transport Carrier

When you need to go to the veterinarian to get your cats yearly shots and checkups you are going to need a spacious and comforting transport carrier. Place the transport carrier in your home for the kitty to explore and get used to before using it.

Weather Proof Pet Backpack


8. Kitty Litter Without Perfume

It is important to use a kitty litter that your cat is satisfied with to avoid unfortunate accidents. Try to use a litter without perfume to minimise sneezing and allergic reactions from your cat.

Tigerino Sensitive


9. Pet Tag

If your cat is going to go outdoors without a leash you are going to need to use a pet tag.  If they run off, the chances of them returning home is more than 70% more likely if the cat has a tag marked with a phone number or address.

Engraved Pet-ID Tag


10. Camera

 Look at what your cat will be doing when they are home alone! If you are away from home a lot it is a good idea to have a camera at home. This way you can see if your kitty starts to become irate and sad to be alone, and of course see if they are up to something bad. If the cat is sad to be home alone, consider getting them a furry friend.

Pet Camera Monitor - 360 Degree View


11. Litter Box

Use a spacious litter box where your cat can go do its duties in privacy. Keep the box clean to avoid infectious diseases and bad behaviour like going potty in your bed in protest of not having a clean toilet.

Smart Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box


12. Paw Print Kit

Get a forever memory of your kitty's paw in form of a unique paw print kit. You can frame it, tattoo it or use it to stamp letters!

Free Paw Print Kit


13.  Automatic Toy

A toy that works by itself can be a relief if the cat wants to play at nighttime or when you really have to leave. An automatic toy can keep the kitty entertained for hours!

Smart Automatic Cat Laser


14. Fur Remover

Your clothes and bed are probably going to be covered in cat hairs, even if you are getting a long haired or short haired cat. A fur remover will remove each tiny hair strand to reveal a clean textile and is extremely easy to clean and use over and over again.

 FurTastic™ Lint Brush - Remove Fur


15. Cat Tree

A cat tree with scratching posts and platforms for relaxation will become your kitty's own little playground! These trees are available in many different sizes to fit your home no matter how small your place it.

Cat tree with hammock & house

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